Ideas for Crafts to Make and Sell


making jewelry at homeIf you are looking for some ideas regarding crafts to sell, you are not alone. There are people all around the world that have found making goods and selling them to others is an enjoyable way to spend time and make some money. There are even those who have turned this type of thing into a full-time business. There are all types of crafts that can be used, depending upon the interests and skills a person has.

Miniatures are a very popular form of craft that has areas both men and women enjoy working on. From the sets of a model railroad to Victorian furnishings and linens, there are all types of goods that can be created in miniature form. Dollhouses are now accompanied by old-fashioned bakeries and other stores as the popularity of these has caught on.

Making anything for dolls is a popular type of craft that can be sold. Whether it is for the adult doll collector or kids, there are many items that these doll owners require in order to have everything they desire. Clothing is a great idea, as are pieces of furniture and toys. Check out for some great craft ideas.

Woodworking is something that fell out of favor for a while. However, there are an increasing number of people who are beginning to discover the joys associated with it. Not only can you make miniature and doll furniture, there are all types of crafts to make and sell that use wood. For instance, you could create unique coffee tables or bookshelves. Picture frames and carrying trays are also simple projects that you could undertake.

One of the interesting things regarding crafting with wood is that you can vary the size of your projects and the type of wood you are working with in order to really maximize the number of people you can reach. The first time time you attempt a project, you may want to use a less expensive wood. Likewise, when you begin working with a newer, costlier wood, you may decide to begin with smaller projects until you get a feel for the material.

One item that is very popular for people to make and sell it tie-dye clothing and other items. While once associated with the counter-culture movement, these are a casual choice for summer time in virtually every demographic. The shirts are fun and easy to make and can be sold at fairs and online. You may even want to make items for smaller children and pets in order to really reach out to the market.

Once you begin making and selling items, you can always refine which ones you want to work with. For instance, some size of miniatures may sell better than others or you may discover you prefer working with a particular type of wood. If you enjoy the craft that you have chosen, you should be able to turn your hobby into a profitable business. Make sure that you learn about business operations so that you can have years of success.

Arts And Crafts Activities to Provide Fun for Children


Little Girl Doing Arts And Crafts In PreschoolArts and crafts activities are a great way to provide fun hours both for parents and kids. There are several projects and crafts ideas for children of various ages to do at home. These can be simple ways to fill your kids’ life with art and creativity.

Cardboard Dollhouse

There are several great cardboard dollhouses that you can find on the web at the moment. You can make a dollhouse from a cardboard box. It is so much fun making one and children will surely love it. It can even be an ideal birthday gift for a friend.

Materials and Tools required

• Cardboard box
• Decorative papers
• Colored tissue paper or film
• Transparent contact paper
• String of mini colored lights
• Glue stick
• Tape
• Scissors
• X-acto knife

Start by creating the dollhouse shape out of the cardboard box: cut off two of the flaps, and tape them to the other two, then tape them into a gabled roof. After that, cut out a door and a number of windows using an x-acto knife. A second door can be added, if preferred.

Use the transparent contact paper to make the windows and the decorative papers tissue or film, and colored tissue paper to decorate the cardboard dollhouse. You may add some designs with sharpies around the stained glass windows and tape them inside of the windows to make them look cuter.

You can use contact paper and colored tissue paper to create a stained window to the house. After you are through with the decoration, it is time to fix the lights.

Can you imagine how much fun it would be to have a “village” of these adorable cardboard dollhouses, with a string of lights running through them?

Sensory Sand Finger Paint for Tots

Arts and crafts activities are important for toddlers also. For them, finger painting is always fun since it permits them to cover their hands with paint and slip and slide their fingers through soppy color. Sensory art is said to be important for development and even aids toddlers to learn. Finger paint is the essence of sensory art.

Although the finger paints may sound like a funny combination, kids like it a lot. The finger paints have a slippery feel and are finger paint-y, just like any finger paints. However, they are a bit gritty as well. Although not course at all, the sand element is extremely fine, but can be definitely felt.

This is what the toddlers will do with the paint:

1. Squeeze it
2. Spin and rub it around
3. Draw and write in it with a finger
4. Mix colors
5. Drum with it several times
6. Make mono prints
7. Draw in it with all ten fingers at the same time

Harness Kids Craft Ideas For DIY Toy And Game Projects


children making by handsThese are challenging economic times, and it’s even more so when you’re trying to raise children. Kids these days are extremely sophisticated, and often it seems that they don’t even know how to play with toys that are not electronic and/or computerized. Unfortunately, these kinds of toys are often extraordinarily expensive and they inhibit your child’s creative growth and development. In this article, we will discuss harnessing your kids craft ideas to help them create homemade toys of their own. Read on to learn more.

Children of yesteryear could often have fun with the very simplest of objects. Even today, in less developed countries kids enjoy creating toys using basic castoff items. While it may seem that you should feel sorry for these kids, the fact is they may be enjoying a better and richer learning experience than kids in the US whose toys play for them.

A good way to get kids to use their craft ideas to create toys and games is to begin with the idea of reducing, reusing and recycling. Many very usable bits and pieces for toys and games can be gleaned from household packaging and common everyday items. For example, think what excellent checkers and other game pieces you could make with the tops from milk jugs and other beverage bottles. Instead of tossing those tops into the trash, collect them so that you always have an ample supply on hand for art projects and game pieces.

One excellent kids’ craft idea is to use a common piece of poster-board or cardboard from a box, markers, crayons, paper and glue to create a game. You and your kids can brainstorm the type of game you want to create and make up the rules. Then you can create the board and use your gathered and collected beverage bottle tops as game pieces. It doesn’t matter if your game is not perfect. If you find that there are problems in the playing, you can brainstorm and work them out. This is an excellent learning experience that gives your kids a sense of independence.

Another simple household item that can be used in thousands of ways for crafts and toy making is the humble toilet paper or paper towel tube. These can be used to make tunnels for marble rolling games, telescopes, binoculars, kaleidoscopes and all other manner of tubular objects. They also make surprisingly good musical instruments and or false flatulence producing instruments depending on how you blow through them!

At the holidays, toilet paper tubes can be filled with small toys and candies, wrapped with tissue paper and tied with ribbon or string at each end. This creates a form of “Christmas Cracker”, a type of toy that can be pulled open quickly for an exciting shower of tiny gifts.

These days, the world is becoming very materialistic and very complex. More and more people, both children and adults are buying the idea that they must depend upon fun that is manufactured for them. Wise adults and wise parents know that this is not true. When you harness your kids craft ideas to help them learn to make their own toys, games and fun you are giving them a sense of independence and innovation that will last a lifetime.