Ideas for Crafts to Make and Sell


making jewelry at homeIf you are looking for some ideas regarding beautiful handmade crafts to sell, you are not alone. There are people all around the world that have found making goods and selling them to others is an enjoyable way to spend time and make some money. There are even those who have turned this type of thing into a full-time business. There are all types of crafts that can be used, depending upon the interests and skills a person has.

Miniatures are a very popular form of craft that has areas both men and women enjoy working on. From the sets of a model railroad to Victorian furnishings and linens, there are all types of goods that can be created in miniature form. Dollhouses are now accompanied by old-fashioned bakeries and other stores as the popularity of these has caught on.

Making anything for dolls is a popular type of craft that can be sold. Whether it is for the adult doll collector or kids, there are many items that these doll owners require in order to have everything they desire. Clothing is a great idea, as are pieces of furniture and toys.

Woodworking is something that fell out of favor for a while. However, there are an increasing number of people who are beginning to discover the joys associated with it. Not only can you make miniature and doll furniture, there are all types of crafts to make and sell that use wood. For instance, you could create unique coffee tables or bookshelves. Picture frames and carrying trays are also simple projects that you could undertake.

One of the interesting things regarding crafting with wood is that you can vary the size of your projects and the type of wood you are working with in order to really maximize the number of people you can reach. The first time time you attempt a project, you may want to use a less expensive wood. Likewise, when you begin working with a newer, costlier wood, you may decide to begin with smaller projects until you get a feel for the material.

One item that is very popular for people to make and sell it tie-dye clothing and other items. While once associated with the counter-culture movement, these are a casual choice for summer time in virtually every demographic. The shirts are fun and easy to make and can be sold at fairs and online. You may even want to make items for smaller children and pets in order to really reach out to the market.

Once you begin making and selling items, you can always refine which ones you want to work with. For instance, some size of miniatures may sell better than others or you may discover you prefer working with a particular type of wood. If you enjoy the craft that you have chosen, you should be able to turn your hobby into a profitable business. Make sure that you learn about business operations so that you can have years of success.

Sewing Dresses For Yourself



Sewing dresses is a fun craft for designers, especially when you have the skills and the knowledge on how to do so. However, women can be able to sew their own dresses from scratch. By using a step by step guide, you can be able to design and sew clothes for different occasions. Wit the aid of this tutorial, you will learn how to sew dresses and what you need for the job.

Things To Consider When Sewing A Dress.

Before you start sewing any dress it is important that you understand the nature or the type of dress you want. Acknowledging whether you want a formal dress or a casual dress will help you choose the right supplies and fabric for the job. After concluding on which material to use, it is advisable that you consider the pattern for the fabric.

If it is your first time to sew your own dresses, then you might want to avoid using materials that are difficult to handle such as silk and leather. That is because this kind of materials slides easily and can slip when cutting the material. Another type of fabric that a beginner should avoid using is velvet because it is easy to damage and difficult to handle.

Once you have chosen the pattern and the fabric, chose sewing thread that best matches with the fabric. Remember to add extra fabric replacement in case of any inconveniences. There are also plenty of equipment that you will need in order to get the job done. Some of this equipment are scissors, a sewing machine, a ruler and also a spacious working area.

However, before you start cutting any piece of the fabric, you should also seek a design for your dresses that are not complicated to make. Another important factor that you need to consider is the number and the type of stitches you use on your fabric. There are two convenient stitches you can start with as a beginner; these stitches are zigzag stitch and straight stitch.

How To Start.

For you to sew quality and comfortable dress, start by getting the measurements of the person the dress is entitles to. If the dress is yours, make sure you know your measurements in order to be able to cut the perfect size. In this case, start by measuring your waist, height and the width of your shoulders. However, remember to add two inches on any measurement for making any necessary corrections.

Before you start sewing dresses, it is important that you consider the needle you use on your fabric. Not all needles that are installed in sewing machines are convenient for sewing all fabrics. Make sure that the Needle you choose is best for sewing your fabric. The needle should also be durable and be able to sew the entire dress without causing any trouble.

After you have cut the fabric and attached the parts together for sewing, make sure that you sew the dresses moving the dress in one direction. Avoid sewing the dress back and forth once place on the sewing machine because it will create a knot. The sewing could take long hours or short depending on the number of pieces you are joining.


While sewing dresses, it is also advisable that you iron the fabric in order to give it a decent look. Ironing makes the fabric look smooth. That is why the ironing process is done while pressing. Furthermore, it is advisable that you iron while sewing in order for your dress to look professional. Once of you have perfected on your skill, you can choose to use other fabrics.

Can You Make Money From an Online Craft Store?


For many people, especially those who have recently been made redundant, stay at home mothers, or those who have chronic illnesses which make it difficult for them to work in an office, running an online craft store seems like a dream come true. Who wouldn’t want to have fun making things, and then sell them at boutique prices for a profit?

The most well-known online craft store is Etsy. This website serves as a marketplace for all manner of artists, clothing makers and craft lovers. The idea behind the website is that it empowers people who make things at home to sell them to a global audience. It seems like a nice enough idea, and Etsy is certainly a place where people love to go to get great gift ideas.

The Commercial Transformation

Unfortunately, Etsy – and other online marketplaces that allow people to sell their handmade goods – faces a clear challenge. For the site to be popular and successful for makers, it needs customers, and for the customers to keep coming back, there needs to be a steady stream of fresh products on the marketplace.

Etsy achieve that – to an extent – there are a huge number of products on sale. The marketplace has promoted itself very, very well. Unfortunately, there are just too many products being sold on there by inexperienced makers, and too many products being sold by overseas makers who charge super-low prices because the cost of living where they are is so low. This makes it almost impossible for British and American makers to compete.

The Maker Movement

Today, there is an almost official “maker movement” – there is a huge number of people hand-crafting goods and selling them, and this makes it almost impossible for new crafters to have their products discovered.

Of course, Etsy is not the only store out there that allows people to sell their handcrafted goods. There are other stores, and it is possible to run your own website too. In fact, a lot of artists run stores via websites such as Deviant Art, and then sell prints of the art that they make. This is a more scalable way of making money from your work – you can publish images once, and sell them to a lot of people.

Those who make goods out of cloth, glass or metal can’t take advantage of that feature, however. Each product has to be hand-made, photographed, wrapped, and then posted out. This takes a lot of time, and the overheads involved in handling each order can be massive.

Success is Possible

It is possible to run a craft store and make money online, but the people who do best today are those who make products to order. Commissions give makers the chance to charge a little more and create exactly what the buyer wants. This saves time and money, and means that each product can get the love and attention that it deserves.